The winners of the 2019 Solidaires to Agencies



Winner Solidaires Empowerment : La Relance Jeunes et Familles

Established in 1968 in the Center-Sud district, La Relance Jeunes et Familles is a community education resource that focuses on helping children aged 0 to 12 reach their full potential. By also teaching parenting skills, they ultimately help improve the futures of neighbourhood families.

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Winner Solidaires Mobilization : NDG Community Council

Since being founded in 1948, the NDG Community Council has been a leader in neighbourhood community development. Often referred to as the "core of community action," several neighbourhood organizations have launched thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers involved.

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Winner Solidaires Leadership : Jean Panet-Raymond, Coordinator, Citizenship Participation Committee and Neighbourhood Plan Evaluations, Vivre Saint-Michel en santé (VSMS).

For 12 years, the Table de concertation Vivre Saint-Michel en santé has relied on the natural leadership skills of Jean Panet-Raymond. A professor emeritus of the School of Social Work at Université de Montréal, Mr. Panet-Raymond builds on citizen action to improve living conditions in Saint-Michel—an approach that is definitely getting results!

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Winner Solidaires NextGen : Tania Charron, Executive Director of Action jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l’Île (AJOI)

Considered an exceptional colleague, visionary and ally by everyone who has had the chance to work with her, Tania Charron has been instrumental in revealing the hidden problem of homelessness among West Island youth.

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Winner Solidaires Citizen Involvement : Mon Resto Saint-Michel, Parents’ Committee for the 18th Saint-Michel Gala for Newborns.

Thanks to the involvement of local immigrant women, forty families from the Saint-Michel community get the chance to be celebrated at the annual Newborn Gala. Beyond the newborn babies, it’s the energy, courage, perseverance, and strength of each of these women – all of whom have led challenging lives – that is also celebrated.

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