The winners of the 2019 Solidaires to Companies



Winner Solidaires Corporate Commitment, 1,000 plus employees: TC Transcontinental

Despite staffing decreases due to the sale of some business lines, TC Transcontinental managed to maintain the participation rate and amount raised for its Centraide campaign. What an accomplishment!

Discover their winning strategies here.

♡ Coup de coeur : BMO Financial Group.


Winner Solidaires Corporate Commitment, 999 employees or less: Valero Energy

With 20 years of Centraide campaigns under its belt, Valero Energy implemented one innovative strategy after the other to encourage employees to give and to shine a spotlight on its commitment to Centraide.

Discover their strategies here.


Winner Solidaires Mobilization, 1,000 plus employees: TD Bank Group

For over 30 years, TD Bank Group has worked with Centraide of Greater Montreal to better our communities by contributing to their lasting social and economic development. TD Bank Group spared no effort in 2018, as its business units launched a multitude of strategies to support the Centraide campaign.

See some examples here.


Winner Solidaires Mobilization, 999 employees or less: RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada

With a participation rate of nearly 80%, the RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada campaign stands out year after year through its employees’ impressive dedication—and that was just the beginning, as the company's senior managers also got involved to encourage people to give.

Learn more about their mobilization efforts here.


Winner Solidaires NextGen : SoloTech

For its third Centraide Campaign, Solotech had a record year in many ways, and the involvement of senior managers had something to do with this success. In fact, the company increased its result by 350% over last year!

Find out how they did it here.


Winner Solidaires Union Leadership : UNIFOR – Local Section 522, CAE

Although unionized employees represent only a small portion of all CAE employees, their voices are still important. This year, the union representative was designated as co-director of the Centraide campaign and was very committed to promoting the cause.

Many strategies helped grow the participation rate of unionized employees, and you can discover them here.


Winner Solidaires Innovation : Hydro-Québec

Determined to encourage young employees to donate, Hydro-Québec created a new campaign committee made up of people under 35. This new committee decided to organize a signature event to shake up their usual fundraising activities and held a grand ball at the Musée Grévin in Montreal.

Learn more about the success of this event here.

♡ Coup de coeur : Executive Committee of the Real Estate and Construction Division


Winner Solidaires Citizen Involvement : Hélène Silicani and Jacques Thibault, METRO

Hélène Silicani and Jacques Thibault are two people who obviously live and breathe Centraide. They have been co-directors of the METRO employee campaign since it started 21 years ago. The campaign began at the company’s headquarters in Montreal and today runs across Quebec. Over 100 METRO stores have come together to give back to the Greater Montreal community.

Discover more about this dynamic duo here.

♡ Coup de coeur : Solange Goulet, BCF