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Solidaires Empowerment

The Solidaires Empowerment is awarded to a community agency that stands out through its ability to implement strategies and approaches that reinforce the potential of vulnerable people to take action to improve their living conditions.


Solidaires Mobilization

The Solidaires Mobilization is awarded to a neighbourhood roundtable or group of agencies that have launched an outstanding collective action that has contributed to their community’s social development.



The Solidaires Leadership is awarded to a community agency director or staff member for overall outstanding contributions or a specific remarkable achievement at the agency or in the community.



The Solidaires NextGen is awarded to a leader, staff member, volunteer, or group of young people aged 35 and under who have shown an outstanding commitment to or made outstanding achievements at a community agency.



The Solidaires Citizen Involvement is awarded to a person or group of people who have shown outstanding volunteer involvement and leadership at a community agency or neighbourhood roundtable.