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Solidaires Corporate Commitment

The Solidaires Corporate Commitment is awarded to a company that has run an exceptional campaign supported by upper management and that has shown exemplary partnership and commitment to Centraide.



Solidaires Mobilization

The Solidaires Mobilization is awarded to a company that has run an outstanding employee and/or Leadership campaign that is organized and structured and gets the entire organization involved in the Centraide cause.



Solidaires STARTUP

The Solidaires StartUp is awarded to a company or organization that has stood out with a Centraide campaign that they have only recently launched at their workplace.


Solidaires Union Leadership

The Solidaires Union Leadership is awarded to a unionized workplace and its affiliated unions that have demonstrated exemplary partnership and active collaboration between management, unions, and non-unionized employees to run a Centraide campaign.



Solidaires Innovation

The Solidaires Innovation is awarded to a company, group of people or campaign committee that has stood out through an innovative and original activity, project or event that has brought people together during a Centraide campaign.



The Solidaires Citizen Involvement is awarded to a workplace campaign committee, an employee and/or Leadership campaign director, an ambassador, or a volunteer who has shown exceptional commitment to a Centraide campaign.