The winners of the 2019 Solidaires

The 2019 winners will be revealed on February 18.


Solidaires to companies

Companies-Corporate commitment.png

The Solidaires Corporate Commitment is awarded to a company that has run an exceptional campaign supported by upper management and that has shown exemplary partnership and commitment to Centraide.

Winner, 1,000 plus employees: Saputo more details

Winner, 999 employees or less: Rolls-Royce Canada more details


The Solidaires Mobilization is awarded to a company that has run an outstanding employee and/or Leadership campaign that is organized and structured and gets the entire organization involved in the Centraide cause.

Winner, 1,000 plus employees: CAE more details

Winner, 999 employees or less:  Cogeco more details


The Solidaires StartUp is awarded to a company or organization that has stood out with a Centraide campaign that they have only recently launched at their workplace.

Winner: Investissement Québec more details

Companies-Union leadership.png

The Solidaires Union Leadership is awarded to a unionized workplace and its affiliated unions that have demonstrated exemplary partnership and active collaboration between management, unions, and non-unionized employees to run a Centraide campaign.

Winner: Les syndicats (SCFP-FTQ : Sections locales 1500, 5735, 2000, 4785, 957, 4250; SPIHQ, SPSI) et les associations (APCPNHQ, APRHQ), Hydro-Québec more details


The Solidaires Innovation is awarded to a company, group of people or campaign committee that has stood out through an innovative and original activity, project or event that has brought people together during a Centraide campaign.

Winner: TechAide more details

Companies-Citizen involvement.png

The Solidaires Citizen Involvement is awarded to a workplace campaign committee, an employee and/or Leadership campaign director, an ambassador, or a volunteer who has shown exceptional commitment to a Centraide campaign.

Winner: Mario Di Bernardo, RBC Royal Bank more details

Coup de cœur : Josée St-Onge, PwC more details

Solidaires to agencies


The Solidaires Empowerment is awarded to a community agency that stands out through its ability to implement strategies and approaches that reinforce the potential of vulnerable people to take action to improve their living conditions.

Winner: Option consommateurs more details


The Solidaires Mobilization is awarded to a neighbourhood roundtable or group of agencies that have launched an outstanding collective action that has contributed to their community’s social development.

Winner: Centre d’entraide régional d’Henryville (CERH) for the creation of the public and travelling market FruiGumes more details


The Solidaires Leadership is awarded to a community agency director or staff member for overall outstanding contributions or a specific remarkable achievement at the agency or in the community.

Winner: Natalie Chapman, Retired Executive director, WIAIH: for people with an intellectual disability or autism more details 


The Solidaires NextGen is awarded to a leader, staff member, volunteer, or group of young people aged 35 and under who have shown an outstanding commitment to or made outstanding achievements at a community agency.

Winner: Valérie Fortier, Psychosocial counsellor and Project manager, Association québécoise des parents et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale (AQPAMM) more details

Individuals-Citizen involvement.png

The Solidaires Citizen Involvement is awarded to a person or group of people who have shown outstanding volunteer involvement and leadership at a community agency or neighbourhood roundtable.

Winners ex-æquo: 

Volunteers team of the Legal Information Clinic, Women’s Y of Montreal (YWCA) more details

Vicky Blanchard, Volunteer, Maison de la Famille de St-François more details